September 16, 2017

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April 21, 2018

We've been touched by the response to our Global Reading Challenge film (barely a month old but already putting in its 10,000 steps!)


Here have been our screenings so far:


Global Reading Challenge Finals, Seattle Central Library

March 20, 2018

We're grateful to Seattle Public Librarian and Global Reading Challenge Coordinator Jenny Craig for inviting us to premiere this film with the Seattle Public Schools and Public Library community. Thank you, Jenny, for accommodating our non-traditional participation in your challenge!


90 Second Newbery Film Festival, Portland OR

April 14th, 2018

We were honored to get to screen at the Festival that inspired this project! Two of our filmmakers and their families (5th graders Aika and Henry) and my family met at the screening at Open Signal Community Media Center in Portland, hosted by hilarious children's authors James Kennedy (festival founder) and Dale Basye.


Here were the judges' remarks (posted on the 90 Second Newbery website):


"What a work of art! All the characters and the backdrops were so beautifully drawn. The occasional animation worked well (the flying kick, the “pink boy” chasing Ha, etc.) but the quick cuts, zooms, and thoughtful cinematography also served well to propel the story forward and keep it feeling dynamic and propulsive.


Even though it was seemingly long at 3+ minutes, I wouldn’t cut it down by a single a second—everything worked and felt necessary. The laid-back music was a good choice to pull the whole movie together, and the sound effects of crickets, helicopters, alarms, sounds of war, etc. were tastefully chosen and judiciously applied. I appreciated how all of the voiceover was also reflected in subtitles, to ensure that the audience understood every word.


I loved the attention to little details — like the suspended hearts dangling in the air, or the way the waves of the ocean were beautifully drawn and animated, or the subtle way Ha’s tongue pokes out of her mouth when she imagines papayas. It was a clever choice to represent English on the blackboard as illegible nonsense, putting us in Ha’s shoes. The snake-biting-the-man animation was particularly well done.


The movie really made us feel Ha’s and the family’s emotion when they realize they’ll never see her father again. When Ha fly-kicks at the end, and then literally flies away, it’s a beautiful and transcendent moment — and cleverly reflected in the closing credits, with each contributor fly-kicking into a freeze frame!


This movie was wonderfully done. Clearly a lot of care and love went into it, and it does justice to the seriousness of the book while still being fun and entertaining. Brilliant!"


Wow--it was thrilling for students to read that generous, heartfelt review, James Kennedy! 


pre-screening for Book-It Repertory Theatre's production of Inside Out and Back Again, Thornton Creek Elementary

April 17, 2018

Thornton Creek's Librarian Ginny Alleman screened our film with her K-5 students as preparation for a theatrical production of the same book by Book-It Theatre. Ginny generously invited our group to attend the production, and took time to introduce us as the filmmakers. It was an honor to be included, and exciting for students to see a different creative interpretation of the same story (a musical!) A few of us may have teared up watching the production. ("I'm not crying, you're crying.") Many thank yous, Ginny!




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