"Illustrated Stuffies": Winter 2018

IDEA Time at Cedar Park is an enrichment opportunity folded into the school day on Wednesday, during which students sign up elective courses offered by staff, parents, and community volunteers. In the Illustrated Stuffie class, K-5 students were invited to design a character and take their art through a revision process. They chose fabric backings and I printed each illustration onto fabric.


With the help of several patient parent volunteers (THANK YOU Stephanie, Ty, Linda, Shari!) as well as several teachers (THANK YOU Ms. Fisk, Ms. Veling, and Ms. Quarrie), students sewed their pieces together, turned them right side out, stuffed them, and stitched them closed. (Thanks also to Lake City Librarian Nancy Pew who helped with several herself!)

The kids could not wait to pry their new friends out of the display case and bring them home.












COMING UP: Spring 2018 

Computer coding! K-2 Using Scratch Jr.!


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