Oh, how lucky we are that this international event for kids is held in Seattle, and oh, how thrilled we are to invite the Cedar Park community to take part! 

From their website:

"Now more than ever, Children’s Film Festival Seattle is committed to creating film programs that champion the ideas of global awareness and cooperation, social inclusion, diversity and equity, teamwork, empathy, care for our planet, human rights, kindness and love.

Each year, we invite educators, schools and other groups who share these values to join us for special weekday or week evening screenings. These are excellent field trip opportunities that come complete with post-screening discussions and journal pages that kids can take back to the classroom."

Despite the challenge in transporting all K-5 classes from Lake City to Capitol Hill via Metro bus, our March 28th Field Trip was a success! In fact, we plan to make it a Cedar Park tradition! 

Feedback on the Fest:

Kindergartener: "My favorite film was...ALL of them!"

3rd Grader: "That's the first time I ever cried during a movie." (film from Puerto Rico about showing kindness toward elders)

Parent: Thank you for organizing a fun event! I loved that we had the theater to ourselves and that the kids were able to watch creative, unique, and fun films. Happy to hear that this could turn into an annual trip! 

Principal O: "I was so impressed yesterday how each of the kiddos I chatted with could tell and describe their favorite film to me – really shows the impact of visual mediums on student learning."

We invited our friend Nancy Pew, Children's Librarian at Lake City Library who was so taken with the programming that she is arranging to bring it to more neighborhood children, via a partnership with Lake City Community Center! (Contact Nancy for more info!) Bravo to quality children's media for strengthening community connections!

Can't wait for CFFS 2019! 

Take a peek:













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